We Identify customers who have demonstrated a high degree of interest in your services/products as a result of our 3-step program.

Learn How Social Media Can Help Bring In New Patients & Increase Brand Awareness

We develop and implement processes and procedures that drive clients through your doors. Our processes are measurable and provide you with insight; showing all social media activity and how to best connect with your customers as well as how to craft the message they want to hear.

Improve & Track Results

Is finding new customers and reengaging the ones you have been difficult?

Are you overwhelmed with choices and uncertain what to use?

Is profitability too low?

Our 3 Step Program:

    • Awareness - finding and defining your audience on social media (expand)

    • Validation - shaping what that audience is looking for through test offers and confirmed through surveys

    • Conversion - driving your audience to take action and interact with your business 

With a large amount of money already spent on marketing dollars this program allows us to develop top-of-mind awareness as social media has become ingrained into our culture. Forge unique relationships with those looking for information about their medical condition and then direct them to a customized website where the potential patient can view information relevant to their condition and treatment. This allows the potential patient to create a relationship with your business and allows you to host patient education seminars either virtually or in the physical space.

We also provide support with Email Campaigns reactivating old lines of business and assist with list building; allowing your business to inform your audience about the latest techniques in pain management or the next great material advancement in medical implant devices. Other services we automatically provide are:

    • Discover clear & concise language that directs someone to an action

    • Optimize messages to increase response rates

    • Categorize questions that are asked, i.e. are the questions people asking about your message positive or                     negative?

    • List Building - use your industry expertise to build your email list into a powerhouse of marketing materials and         goodwill

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